Bows, Bibs & Blankets

Everyone knows that one of the funnest things about having a baby girl in the family is dressing them. Everyone also knows how dangerous it is to have a baby girl in the family because it’s easy to find yourself paying “just a little bit more,” or in some cases “a lot a bit more” for that item that you just have to have. After all, it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. The problem remains that it’s easy for virtually everything  you see to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. If you’re understanding at all what I’m saying, this post is for you. Beware though–if you continue reading, you will want to splurge and you will want to splurge big. If you gift any of these items to a friend or family member, you will score big; however, the person you share a bank account with may not be thrilled. Nevertheless, here are some of the cutest bows, bibs and blankets that I have ever seen.


There are lots of Etsy shops out there specializing in bows and headbands. One shop that I like due to the quality of the bows and the variety of options is Harper Kate & Co. ( The only drawback to ordering from this shop is that her products are in high demand, meaning it may take two-three weeks to receive your shipment. An example of her bows include the following:




I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fabulous headbands sold at GiddyupandGrow ( While I don’t actually own anything from this shop, I would LOVE to have something from here someday when my daughter gets older. I can already imagine her wearing one of these wreath  headbands in a beautiful dress in a field with the sun hitting the brush in a family photo session.





For Christmas, my daughter  received several bibs from Billy Bibs ( Aside from the absolutely beautiful prints these bibs come in, they are all handmade and reversible. It’s a good thing because they are quite expensive. The 2-for-1 makes up for it a bit. I should add that the quality is exceptional and they are machine washable, but must be line dried. Trust me when I say that these bibs make an outfit 100 times cuter than you can even imagine.




Billy Bibs also features the most adorable collars to be worn with sweaters, dresses, onesies and so forth. Like the bibs, they are also reversible.



Spearmint Love ( has some of the most gorgeous swaddling blankets from the brand Milk Brand Organic that come in a variety of prints for both girls and boys. This is the one time that the boy prints may actually be more beautiful than the girl selection. If you love any of the swaddling blanket prints featured on the site, you will die knowing that they also have rompers, dresses, and onesies made of the same prints.




I would love to hear what sites you love for “speciality” baby items!

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