Baby Boy: First Birthday

My favorite thing about Etsy is that it is a total haven for talented graphic designers. It also just so happens that the children’s birthday party-related items are not only very unique, but also so much cuter than most of the items sold at party stores. Of course, this is just my personal preference and I’m sure some would beg to differ. To each their own.

For my son’s first birthday, I found an owl themed party pack on Etsy that I just had to have. After downloading the party package, I had the invitations, hats, cupcake holders, straws, owl masks, and so forth printed out in color at Kinko’s.  It was quite a bit of work to assemble everything by hand, because it entailed a lot of cutting, taping, and patience (something I’ve never had a lot of). This is probably the exact reason why smarter people purchase party decorations from a party store – much easier and less stressful. You might say I learned my lesson because for his next birthday, I found myself at Party City buying preassembled decorations. And you know what? They were still very adorable.

Needless to say, probably my favorite decoration was his birthday cake. I took the party invitation to Ettore’s–a local European bakery–in hopes of having a simple cake made in the same colors. I would be even happier if they could add a few stripes to match the invitation. To my surprise, the cake maker asked if I wanted a cake to match the invitations including making an edible fondant owl. I couldn’t believe this was even possible!  Of course, I said “yes.”

When it came time to pick up the cake on the morning of our little get together, I had tears in my eyes when they opened the box to show it to me.  My baby was turning one and we had the most perfect cake to celebrate. This was also the last “perfect cake” because as you can guess “perfect cakes” are expensive.

Here are a few images of that special day:









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