2017 Beauty Products

Beauty products are worthy every penny when they actually do what they say they are going to do.  Well sometimes. And how often does that actually happen? Well, here are some of my favorite recently discovered products that I believe fall into the “must try” if not “must have” category.

 Dry Shampoo: Klorane


This stuff is magic and I’ve tried a whole lot of dry shampoo. A whole lot. This is the only aerosol dry shampoo that doesn’t change the texture of my hair, make it stiff, or make me cringe every time I touch it knowing it is full of dry shampoo. I’m not brunette, but I hear it is especially great for brunettes too. Perhaps this is why it keeps winning  the Allure award every year for best dry shampoo and it’s sulfate free! The only downsize is that it isn’t cheap. If you are just wanting to test it out for the first time, it does come in a travel size. I tend to buy it in bulk at www.bluefly.com when they have this product in their inventory. (P.S. If you are wondering what dry shampoos I have tried, here they are: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak, Batiste, Living Proof, Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo Detox & Purify, Dove Refresh and Care Volume & Fullness Shampoo, Oscar Blandi, Philosophy, Drybar Detox and a few others I can’t think of right now).

 Makeup Brush: Artis Oval Brush


 The first time I read about these brushes I didn’t believe they were worth the hype. One would think the sponge would remove all your makeup instead of smoothing it out giving it that airbrushed finish. I absolutely LOVED the MAC foundation brush I had for years, but decided on whim to try this out this brush since I had a gift card. After the first try, I was totally sold. Trust me, your foundation will go on flawlessly. No wonder all the celebrities use this brand of brushes! They make these brushes in different sizes for different purposes. So far, I only use it for foundation, but would love to branch out into the other brushes provided I can get a “deal” on them. You can get these brushes on the Artis website, Anthropologie, or Nordstrom. Watch out for knock-offs. Not all brushes are created equal.

 At-Home Face Peel: Ole Henriksen Power Bright Peels

images-2Love, love, love! After having a baby I decided to gives these peels a try. If you’ve ever had a baby, you know you can’t really do too much for your skin when you are pregnant.  I read many of the reviews of this product on Sephora and decided to give it a try. After all, who wouldn’t want to try an at-home peel formulated for celebrities to use while they travel? I was very skeptical, but after one use my skin glowed and I mean GLOWED the following day and the next day. It didn’t leave it red either. While these peels aren’t cheap, there is enough product to make it last two uses if you have a ziplock bag handy to store the remaining product. If you aren’t worried about saving product, you can always use the leftovers on your décolletage, which actually isn’t a bad idea. This is worth every penny especially for a special event or family photos.

Split End Treatment: Monat Rejuvabeads


This stuff is amazing and I don’t sell it. If you have dry hair and split ends this stuff is wonderful. It will make your hair feel so good. Like the other products, it’s pricey but the good news is that you only have to use every three washes. If you are like me and love it so much, you will want to use it ever wash. The smell is great too.

I’d love to hear about you favorite beauty products and finds. Let me know what you have found!

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