Thanksgiving Table Decor: Apples + Rosemary Theme

When sickness hits your family the week before Thanksgiving, the week of Thanksgiving, and then you yourself get taken down, it makes Thanksgiving overwhelming. I tend to over think table decorations and Thanksgiving is one of the times of year I don’t mind spending a little money on some fresh flowers to make the table pop. This year I couldn’t even contemplate some fancy tablescape, and in the end I really I think it turned out to be a good thing. Isn’t it funny how that works?

This year I decided to go with a simple more earthy theme and wanted something relatively inexpensive to create. The best thing is that I think it’s one of favorite tablescape due to its simplicity and minimalism. And as much as I’m a sucker for pulling out the china, I didn’t this year. White plates are clean, classy and simple and who wants to wash all that china by hand? Not me. Not anyone.

After searching for ideas on Pinterest I find some simple ideas I merged together to created this “Rosemary + Apples” theme. Best part of all, is that you could probably get most of these things in your yard or from your local grocery store (sans the white plates, and crystal of course).

Here’s how it turned out!




The mason jars contain Rosemary at the bottom, followed by oranges, and fresh cranberries. Just add water and a tea light for a beautiful  DIY candle.



I tied the jute in the back and slipped fresh rosemary in the napkin for a pop of color.


I have to point out that these gorgeous forms, knives and spoons say “Fork,” “Spoon” or “Knife” on the handle in the event anyone forgets which-is-which. Spiked punch will do that!



The main things you need to replicate this look include the following items:

  • Apples (Pick a size that goes with the dimensions of your table. My table has the smaller organic ones that cost $2.99 for a bag at Raley’s).
  • Greenery (I cut these from my yard. I hate storing things).
  • Burlap for the runner (I purchased at Michael’s for several dollars).
  • Mason Jars (I already had some, but I picked up a few more at Michael’s for @2.99-$3.99. Pick a jar size that goes with the dimensions of the table. Too big will seem bulky and overwhelming unless you have a huge table).
  • Cranberries (for candles)
  • Rosemary (for candles and napkins)
  • Oranges (for candles)
  • Tea light candles (to go in mason jars)
  • Jute
  • Silver charges
  • White plates
  • Stemware

Now that I’m obssessed with Rosemary I can’t wait to find a wait to incorporate it into Christmas. But for now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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