Half Moon Bay Getaway

We had big plans for August 2020. It was our 15th wedding anniversary and we planned on going out of the country without our kids in-toe. Of course when COVID hit, plans changed. We decided to make our first trip to Half Moon Bay where we stayed at the Ritz Carlton. It only cost us a paltry 100k Marriott points for the one night we stayed. Going rate starts at $900 USD/night + tax + parking. So I guess that means we got a “deal.”

Our room was absolutely beautiful. Just look at the view we had overlooking the golf course.

View of the golf course from our hotel room.

After checking in, we explored the hotel property. The views are pretty impressive. It’s shocking this hotel was built at the end of a residential street. Despite this large hotel, the surrounding area remains pretty quiet.

View of the golf course associated with the Ritz

Another view from the Ritz property. Who wouldn’t want to read a book on the beach?

Before sunset each night, someone plays the bagpipe on this lookout. The hotel definitely has an “Irish feel” to it.


On the second day, we opted for a good 5-mile hike to the local brewery. The beaches were empty and the views would leave anyone contemplative.

Would I go back? Probably not. Although it was a stunning laid back property, the opportunity cost of 100k points was still considerably high. For me it was more of a once and a lifetime experience. However, I can definitely understand why people go there and live there. It’s peaceful. It’s quiet and you don’t feel like you are in California.

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