Cabo San Lucas 2017

This year marks yet another trip to Cabo.

We stayed at the beautiful Westin Villas. The hotel just reopened after an extensive remodel. Unfortunately, the waves were so large on the beach that a black flag was flown each day meaning no swimming. The good news is that it also meant deserted beaches and deserted beaches are perfect for photos.







We stumbled across the cutest little coffee shop located in the Shoppes at La Palmilla called Cafe Cream. Anyone who knows me know that I’m a sucker for independent coffee shops. I loved the decor inside & the coffee was excellent.


My favorite thing on this trip was the visit to Flora Farms. It was about 15 minutes from our hotel off a steep dirt road. The farm hosts some small boutique shops, a restaurant, a market, and a coffee/wine bar. The farm also offers cooking classes in their “cottages” which can be purchased. Cottages owners have access to a beautiful private pool and a spa amongst other amenities. Apparently, Adam Levin (singer from Maroon 5) got married here several years ago. And after seeing the property and tasting the food, I can completely understand why. This is a MUST if you visit Cabo.









Now time to end this post with a few more beach shots. Hope you enjoyed!

















How to Accrue Southwest Airline Points

If you’re like me and like to travel, there is nothing you probably hate more than paying for airline tickets. Most of us would rather spend the money we use on airfare on a nice swanky resort, a nice dinner, or an excursion once we actually arrive at our dream destination. Nobody wants to pay hundreds–if not thousands of dollars–just to land somewhere.

A lot of airlines offer credit cards where you can earn “points” toward air travel. Southwest  Airlines (SWA) is only one of many. But what if you don’t want to acquire another credit card? Are there still ways to earn points? The answer is YES, if you are an online shopper.

To get started you need to register for a FREE Southwest Rapid Rewards number if you don’t already have one. You can register at which just happens to be the same website where you will shop!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.28.57 AM.png

Through this shopping website, you can shop through hundreds of online retailers (i.e. Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, Sephora). Once you click on the store where you would like to shop, you will be redirected to that retailer’s website through SWA. Any purchases that you make through that retail will then accrue a set amount of points per dollar spent. The number of points that you accrue varies by retailer. Best of all, you can pay with any form of payment that the particular retailer accepts. So If I log into the SWA shopping website and buy something through Nordstrom, I can pay with my debit card or any credit card of my liking.

Typically if I am making an online purchase—especially a large purchase—I check this site to see if the store is featured. I also always watch the “Featured Stores” to see when I can really rack up the points.

Since SWA now flies to several international destinations this is even more exciting. This past year shopping through SWA’s store helped us get three round-trip tickets to Cabo for FREE! Happy shopping!!

Cabo San Lucas

Here are a few of my favorite images from a trip several months ago to Cabo. The weather was a bit cooler than I normally like, but we enjoyed a relaxing vacation although I was a lot more tired than usual. It was a surprise to find out after the trip I was three months pregnant! dsc_8460dsc_8471DSC_8266.jpgdsc_8269DSC_8477fb.jpgDSC_8257.jpgDSC_8429.jpgDSC_8297.jpg