Apple Spice Coffee Cake


Devout paleo and GF friends are probably familiar with Danielle Walker and arguably her most popular cookbook Against All Grain. I was a little hesitant to try this recipe because I can’t stand coconut. Instant gag reflex. But, I have baked enough with coconut milk to discover that it’s a fabulous substitute for milk (the canned full-fat kind) and in my experience does not leave a coconut flavor. So I gave it a try.

This cake was fabulous in every way—the texture and perfect pairing of Almond Flour with the apples made it another melt in your mouth delicacy. When I make it, I eat it at breakfast, lunch and after dinner and probably pack on a few pounds a long the way.

There are only two possible complaints I could think of with this recipe, the first of which would be not having all of the alternative baking products on hand. I hear your pain, but you can’t really ding the recipe for that when it’s from a paleo aka alternative baking cookbook. The only other complaint I could possibly fathom is that the cake is too moist, but I actually like that. It means the cake doesn’t dry out within 5 hours of baking like most GF recipes and you can actually make it the night before and serve it at a bridal or baby shower the next day without compromising the texture, flavor and taste. Best of all, the glaze doesn’t even taste like coconut.

Thanks to Danielle Walker for another great go-to recipe.

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Photo Credits: Against All Grain